What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Discover How This College Dropout Went From $15K in Debt
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  •  STACKS of verifiable proof from REAL USERS of the method - see their stories below
  •  AUTOMATION software INCLUDED to explode your results in the shortest possible time
  •  Scale to game-changing income without lifting a finger 
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Make Regular Cash Like This - ON DEMAND
See The Results From BETA Testers
REAL, Recent Results From People Just Like You
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Imagine Making A RISK-FREE 6 Figure Income From Anywhere In The World
An EASY 3+ figures per day… 4+ figures per week…
5+ figures per month in RISK-FREE income…
With your laptop, internet connection
& less than an hour a day!
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
The UGLIEST 4 Letter Word In Digital Marketing?
We’ve all been there. Bought into systems, coaches & trainings that cost a LOT…

Paid even MORE to keep them running…
And got no guarantees.
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
That’s Why It’s SO HARD For Most Marketers To 
RISK Is What Keeps Most Marketers From Reaching COMPLETE Online Freedom
  • FINANCIAL Freedom - ONLY happens when you can PREDICT your profits accurately, so risk isn’t even a factor

  •  LOCATION Freedom - is only possible when you can consistently profit from ANYWHERE in the world

  •  TIME Freedom - will only occur when you can leverage your time for TOP dollar
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Solution? ELIMINATE Risk…
And Online FREEDOM Is Yours!
Well We’ve Cracked The Code - And Are Handing YOU The Key...
  •  Imagine - getting paid GUARANTEED cash upfront, without EVER risking your hard-earned money again.
  •  CHOOSING how much money you want to make - do this part-time for some extra cash, or leverage just a bit more time for job-replacing income.
  •  Bank from ANYWHERE on the planet where you’ve got access to a computer and internet - because that’s all you’ll ever need
Thanks to our game-changing NEW system & software… this can be YOUR reality and we’re going to show you EXACTLY how.
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Hey This Is Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari & Abdullah Ashraf
jason fulton
mosh bari
Abdullah Ashraf
When we first met Abdullah, his story sounded 
a LOT like ones we hear way too often
  •  He’d spent WAY too much money chasing different ‘shiny’ buttons
  •  He had nothing to show for it - except around $15K in debt
  •  He was frustrated, spinning in circles, and being pressured to ‘give up & get a job’
Although we tried to help, Abdullah told us he was REALLY close to a breakthrough.

Well, we’d heard that before - so wished him well and figured we’d never hear from him again.
But we did - just about a year and a half later - Abdullah reached out and told us…
That was a BIG CLAIM. So we asked for proof, and he showed us INSIDE his accounts going back 18 months.

Seeing was believing, so we then asked if he’d share his method. THOUSANDS of marketers - including many of our followers - could use a paint-by-numbers, GUARANTEED income model
After Packaging up his PROVEN System Into a Copy-Paste Method, It Was Time To Invite Beta Testers…
...and the results were OFF THE HOOK:
COMPLETE Beginners Were Banking 
100s To Thousands of  Dollars
In Under 60 Minutes Per Day!
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
  •  ANY previous experience or technical skills

  •  List building

  •  External paid softwares, domains or even hosting

  •  EVER paying for ads

  •  SEO or mind-numbing hours posting on forums & social media

  •  WITHOUT ANY RISK - This is a 100% ‘Get Paid Upfront’ Method
From Zero Experience & Zero Skills
In 60 Minutes Per Day OR LESS
From An Unlimited Market Where The MONEY FINDS YOU!
Why This Is Different & 10X EASIER Than ANYTHING You’ve Seen Before
  • You get paid UPFRONT everytime - there are zero risks with this system

  •  You don’t have to pay a DIME for things like autoresponders, hosting, website creation, SEO or even traffic

  •  The traffic is BUILT-IN and COMPLETELY handled for you - that’s right, no posting in forums, writing articles, or spamming social media

  •  This system is built ESPECIALLY for those with a full-time schedule - you can make 6 figure yearly profits in just 1-2 hours per day

  •  You don’t need ANY technical skills or experience - EVERYTHING you need to bank LARGE is included 

  •  This is HANDS-DOWN the easiest method to scale - you’ll be SHOCKED by how your income EFFORTLESSLY increases every single month

  •  It’s 100% Evergreen - this system leverages a highly-respected platform and an UNLIMITED market of people looking to pay you top dollar
Risk-Free Income
TRUE Financial Freedom In As Little As An Hour
A Day ZERO Tech Skills Or Experience Needed
This Is What You've Been Waiting For!
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Freedom Profits is the easiest way for ANYONE to make predictable, life-changing income online - COMPLETELY RISK-FREE.

This unique 'twist' on a popular strategy took the creator from 15K in debt to a consistent 6 figure income … and has changed the lives of DOZENS of beta testers.
60 minutes or less per day is all it takes - and you WON'T need any experience, skills or even a traffic budget.
  • Follow the 'paint-by-numbers' video guides
  • Login to the cloud-based software to automate 95% of the process
  • Start making the same kind of profits you'll see in our 0-$10,951 in 60 Days Case Study
See The Proof For Yourself
From REAL USERS Of Freedom Profits
Rash Vin
"I’ve personally checked out the software and course and can say this is hands down one of the easiest ways to make money online. 
Fantastic job guys."
Predictable, Consistent & RISK-FREE Profits…
In 3 Short, Simple & Repeatable Steps
Set up your very own 'cash magnet' - YOU ONLY NEED ONE - by following the paint-by-numbers video guides
Use the AUTOMATED software to MULTIPLY your results while saving time - NO selling or marketing required!
Leverage just 60 minutes or less per day to bank hundreds or more in RISK-FREE cash !!!
Best Part? This System AUTOMATICALLY Scales Your Profits!
Before you know it, you'll have more 'money-up-front' campaigns than you can handle …

Meaning you can PICK & CHOOSE from the highest-paying offers …
And watch your profits skyrocket month after month!
Want To Make Even More? EASY!
  • Put in a tiny bit more time each day … OR …
  •  OUTSOURCE for pennies on the dollar - we'll show you how…
  •   And now you've got an AUTOMATED business driving you
  • GROWING profits 24/7!
Why Freedom Profits Is The BEST Way To Bank SERIOUS Profits Online 
#1 - RISK-FREE Income
Absolutely NO NEED to spend money to make money
This UNIQUE system allows PAYING CUSTOMERS to find YOU
You can start from absolute scratch and still make a KILLING with this method
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Look At The FACTS:
A teenage college dropout with NO SKILLS used this system to earn over $300K in 18 months. 

People that have NEVER made a dime online are now banking 5 figures PER month. 
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
How Is This Possible?
6, 7 and even 8 figure marketers and businesses have a LOT of basic tasks that need doing. It's far more cost effective for them to hire contractors - they save boatloads in benefits & extras to paid staff. That's where YOU come in.

These companies GLADLY pay top-dollar to independents like you - and YOU can make WAY more than average rates.

We're talking about 100s or more, PER hour, for your time.
Thanks To This UNIQUE System & Automated Software - You're AUTOMATICALLY Connected With Top Paying Businesses That NEED Your Help
From there, all you do is pick & choose the projects you want, GET PAID UP FRONT, and deliver - we'll show you exactly how!
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Why Freedom Profits Is The BEST Way To Bank SERIOUS Profits Online 
You can make life-changing income
- 3+ figures per day - DIRECTLY into your accounts without risking a dime up front. Then grow to 5 figure MONTHLY profits in as little as 10 minutes per day.
The INCLUDED custom software sets you up with a pro-level site where buyers find YOU. Packed full of products people are ALREADY looking for.
Instead of selling, all you're doing is FULFILLING orders - being paid UPFRONT
and taking your profits straight to the bank.
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
The Cash Is YOURS For The Taking - And You WON'T NEED
  •  Any technical skills or previous experience

  •  To pay for ads, or spend ANY time driving free traffic - it's ALL done for you

  •  To get on the phone, do ANY selling or promoting

  •  To waste a single minute without being paid EXTREMELY WELL for your time
What If Making $500/Month In Passive Income
Was As Simple As Clicking Refresh On Your Browser?
Your COMPLETE Package For An EVERGREEN Income
That Grows All By Itself
The Fast Cash PROVEN Method
  • Unique twist lets BUYERS find you so you can pick & choose the most PROFITABLE offers - and get paid UP FRONT
  • COMPLETELY beginner friendly - no tech skills or experience needed to bank MAJOR profits
  • Comes pre-loaded with EVERYTHING you need to cash in - a one-of-a-kind copy and paste solution
  • Powerful case study & step-by-step videos show you how to go from 0 to HUNDREDS in profits per day
  • Scaling to LIFESTYLE income built-in - this automated system literally grows your income on autopilot
  • BRAND NEW & never seen before!
  • Unlike the beta version where users had to do things manually, we've custom-built a software that puts YOU in front of the money!
  • Just login and get automatically connected with PAYING customers that need YOUR help
  • Forget prospecting or selling - this software does ALL the work for you
  • Make maximum dollars in the SHORTEST possible time
Grab Freedom Profits Now
'Quick Cash Method'
This gives you an overview of the powerful system & shows EXACTLY how you can start banking game-changing income in 72 hours or less.
Then how to keep the cash flowing long term with this EVERGREEN method.

You can have your 'cash magnet' ready & the software automating the process in under 30 minutes - no tech skills needed!
Video Guides
These videos are laid out so ANYONE can literally copy the steps shown on screen & apply them in minutes.
EVERYTHING is covered - from the very basics all the way thru scaling up when you're ready.

You'll see EXACTLY how Abdullah himself uses this method to bank a consistent 6 figures each and every year.
Automated Software
You'll LOVE this software we had custom-designed to go with this amazing method.
It saves you boatloads of time by automating 95% of the process, and MULTIPLIES your results by finding you the highest-paying offers so you make the highest possible profits.
Zero To $10,951 In 60 Days VERIFIED Case Study
Watch 1st hand as Abdullah shows you EXACTLY how we went from scratch to almost $11K in pure profits in 60 days.
He pulls back the curtains and shows you EVERY step so you can copy his results!
Nothing held back - you get to see EXACTLY how to put this profit machine to use for yourself.
What's It Cost To Unlock This Risk-Free, PROVEN
6 Figure PER YEAR Income System?
1st ask yourself this - how much would it cost to buy a franchise that netted that kind of yearly profit? A LOT. Because the developers have already invested all kinds of money in the system to make it a success.

We've made the investments - done EXTENSIVE testing - to prove Freedom Profits is hands-down the most reliable, beginner-friendly method for cashing in online.
Then we've developed the custom software for even BETTER results in less time. YOUR ticket to print hundreds or more per day - WITH ZERO RISK - make this package worth at LEAST $597. 

Even at that price this would be a bargain … and although we plan on charging AT LEAST that much in the very near future …

We'd like more independent marketers to achieve TRUE freedom online. So when you lock in your copy of Freedom Profits now, you won't pay anything close to $597. 

Not half that. Not even 1/10th of that. 
Click below and get EVERYTHING for the ridiculously low one-time cost of just:
Still On The Fence? We Get It.
Even though every claim on this page is backed by verifiable proof, maybe you need a 'nudge' to help. So during this limited launch, we'll include the following high-powered bonuses to sweeten the deal:
Launch Week Bonuses
[You Must Act Now To Receive These Bonuses]
Available during launch week
Launch Week Bonus #1
WEEKLY Live Streams & Updates
Join Abdullah, fellow students & other expert marketers for live weekly broadcasts where you'll see exactly how to maximize profits. See how other smart marketers are leveraging time for profits so you can make even MORE money in less time.
$997 VALUE
Launch Week Bonus #2
VIP Facebook Community & Coaching
Join our PRIVATE FB group to network with other Freedom Profit Members, coaches & experts. Get answers to your questions, build partnerships and get ongoing motivation to built the online business of your dreams.
$297 VALUE
Launch Week Bonus #3
Templates, Profiles & ADDITIONAL Cash Opportunities
Access over 30 secret platforms to leverage your 'cash magnet' for even higher profits.
See how to charge maximum dollar for your time, so you can scale your business even bigger.
$197 VALUE
Freedom Profits works AND has stood the test of time. You've seen the proof. But it's got to work for you - so we'll assume ALL the risk of your small investment. If for some reason you DON'T start making repeatable commissions with the system. Just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a complete refund.

We're happy to assume the risk because we're 100% confident Freedom Profits WILL get you results when you give it a try. So don't miss out on this PROVEN online income solution.
Warning! The price on Freedom Profits is going up, up, up! Get it now to tap into this
COMPLETE risk-free money-making system at the lowest price!
Refresh-En Is About SO MUCH MORE Than Making Money Like This While You Sleep…
All-Inclusive Access: Yours When You Grab Freedom Profits Right Now
Here's Everything Included With Your Access
  • Freedom Profits 'Quick Cash Method' - Total Real-World Value = $97
  • Freedom Profits 'Paint-By-Numbers' Video Guides
    - Total Real World Value = $397
  • Freedom Profits Autopilot Software  - Total Real World Value = $597
  • Freedom Profits Zero To $10,951 In 60 Days Case Study
    - Total Real World Value - $247
  • Bonus #1 - WEEKLY Live Streams & Updates - $997
  • Bonus #2 - VIP Facebook Group & Coaching - $297
  • Bonus #3 - Templates, Profiles & ADDITIONAL Cash Opportunities - $197
That's A Total REAL WORLD Value Of $2,829
Which represents the HARD COSTS of developing & providing
this complete package to you.
But right now, you can grab instant access to EVERYTHING
included with 
Freedom Profits for just  
Click The Button Below Right Now
For No Risk, Instant Access To FREEDOM PROFITS
jason fulton
mosh bari
Abdullah Ashraf
Freedom Profits - Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
What's Freedom Profits all about? 
It's a very UNIQUE twist on an evergreen online income method that lets YOU make risk-free cash simply by leveraging minutes of your time for dollars.

Unlimited companies & marketers have simple tasks they need completed daily - and will happily pay independent contractors [that's YOU] an extremely high rate for delivery.
What's included in my access? 
You get the complete method & our paint-by-numbers video guides to set you up with an evergreen income.
You'll ALSO get the custom-designed, cloud-based software [you can access it from any device on any platform] to maximize profits in the shortest possible time.
Plus the case study from zero to $10,951 in just 60 days …
And ALL 3 bonuses [when you act now] - including the WEEKLY live streams & ongoing updates.
Is Freedom Profits Really Beginner Friendly?
Look - a teenaged college dropout used this EXACT method to bank over $300K in 18 months … AND complete beginners have been getting life-changing results within mere days. So ya, it's beginner friendly. But better than that? It's beginner PROVEN.
What About Traffic & Extra Expenses? 
Keep your wallet in your pocket, because you WON'T be paying for traffic with this method, EVER. And you won't need to pay for ANY extras like hosting, domains or autoresponders either. 
Is There A Guarantee?
For sure - 30 full days. But we doubt you'll need it. Provided you're serious and willing to put in just a few minutes per day to follow the system, we GUARANTEE you'll love the results. Our friendly support desk and included FB group are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.
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